Our events range from large, public conferences to private, custom events.

We can plan your event for you, or simply provide you with the service(s) you need.

Our Event Solutions Services Include:

Speaker Selection

Not only do we help our clients determine exactly the types of speakers they need, we do all the legwork in identifying, acquiring, and managing them.

We start by helping our clients develop a detailed plan for what success looks like from each of their speakers. Do they want to change  behaviors? Inspire?  Get a team of salespeople fired up? All of the above?

We then develop a detailed list of potential speakers and work with the client to narrow it down to some core people of interest. From there, we determine availabilities, set up interviews, negotiate fees, execute the contracts, handle travel & logistics, and even manage the speaker on-site, if desired.

The result - the best speakers(s) for your event, with the least amount of effort, time, and cost from you.

Venue Selection

Finding a location and venue for your event is no minor task. Without the right experience level, many mistakes can be made that can impact an event's success as well as total cost. We help our clients avoid the potential pitfalls and find the locations/venues that  can maximize their event's potential without spending unnecessary dollars.

We work with our clients to find the optimal location - taking into account time of year, weather, travel, amenities, etc... We then find the best options for venues - considering event size, types of functions, audio/visual needs, food & beverage, sleeping room requirements and more. Finally, we lead the negotiations with the venues to ensure the optimal contract that provides the best experience with the greatest flexibility at the lowest possible  - keeping a keen eye on contract clauses that most inexperienced planners miss.

Audio Visual

Audio/Visual is a key component of any event that , when done well, fades into the background. But, when done poorly, it can be all that attendees remember.

In addition, Audio/Visual  planning, if not handled by an experienced professional, can be one of those expense black holes that can unexpectedly break the budget.

We work with our clients to help them correctly plan their Audio/Visual needs and then find the best solutions at the lowest cost. Many times, that means finding A/V suppliers from outside the venue  or negotiating with the venue for drastically reduced rates.

We do this all the time - so we know where the most common (and the not-so-common) mistakes are made and where the money, if not careful, can be most easily squandered...

Food Beverage

While the key to a happy attendee may not necessarily be through their stomachs, it is certainly not something to ignore either! Believe this - food & beverage can absolutely make or break an event.

Obviously, you want to match the quality and quantity of food with the type of event and the expectations of the attendees. But it is just as important to understand the need to manage the ENERGY of the attendee. Timing of food, types of food, balanced menus, and, yes, the quantity and quality of coffee/tea - all are important  considerations in ensuring your attendees are satisfied AND alert/ready to learn/participate.

Alcohol is another important consideration. Should you have it or not? If so, how much do you need? What types? When?

We work with our clients to develop the ideal food & beverage plan while also minimizing the costs and potential penalties that contracts can incorporate.

Agenda Planning

Agenda Planning is much more complicated than just deciding the topics you want to cover. Let us help you  design the optimal agenda - every time.

How long should the topics be? Where and when should   you incorporate  interactivity/exercises? What characteristics are required of speakers for various topics? How should you plan the timing and layout of the agenda to best manage natural energy fluctuations throughout the day? When are the optimal times to schedule breaks and meals?

As you can see, a lot goes into planning a successful agenda. We've seen what works, and what doesn't. Let us eliminate your learning curve.